Locografix Custom Piggy Bank


PlayRoll by Locografix | The Netherlands


CO2 was spat out as useless byproduct of our motorvehicle industry. This orphan kid has opposite abilities: to suffocate opponents with carbondioxide and to suck up and filter polluted air. With his fearless attitude he loves to be on the road and travel. Constantly seeking adventure, he stumbles upon evil plans and dirty plots. Led by his childlike sense of right and wrong he never backs down until justice is done. No matter how big the enemy.

Rank: Marine privat.
Primary objective: Clean air for all.
Weapon of choice: Release of suffocating carbondioxide.
Character: Energetic, enthousiastic and strong sense of justice.
Flaws: Reckless, mindless & naive.
Fear: That all beauty be destroyed.