Piggy Bank Show

4th June 2008 

The Exhibition was a total success and here are some pics to prove it. Must admit I was too bussy talking and drinking and forgot to take more pics. It was a great night , we eat a whole cheese and nearly a whole leg of ham, with a few bottles of red wine (18). Everyone that came along for the opening night enjoyed the exhibition. I would like to thank everyone again that made this possible… my beautiful girlfriend Menchu, my mum, my dad and my little sister Sas for their patience and support, Matt Joyce for the poster, Diego Etcheverry for the great T-shirt that i wore on the night, everyone that took part in the custom piggys… all the characters and posters submited for this project… Lucas for cutting the Ham and Dave and Kath for their help at the final stage of the arrangement. THANKS DUDES!!!! Without you guys it wouldnt be possible.


5 thoughts on “Piggy Bank Show

  1. Julio Reply

    Enhorabuena! Me parece que hiciste un gran trabajo reuniendo a todos artistas y luego exhibiendo nuestros trabajos. Gracias por una gran iniciativa. Harás otras exposiciones?. Tengo unos amigos en Valencia que gustarían ir a ver los trabajos… aún están expuestos?.

    Un saludo.

    Julio Díaz.
    Aka: Pig #153.

  2. Delourdes Reply

    Genial! muchas felicidades por su exito!

    Fue un gusto para mi poder haber colaborado con su proyecto!

  3. Flow Reply

    Congratulation! , saw the pics .. wish i was there to see it..
    hope all is well with you in the future!

    thanks again!

    viva le Pig!!

  4. emma assin Reply

    yay for the piggy banks! looks like a great night, wish i coulda been there :) thanks for letting me a part of it!

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