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Back Copyright Series prepara su primera convocatoria para jóvenes artistas, un jurado formado por profesionales del arte y el diseño elegirán 5 obras ganadoras que serán reproducirán en la técnica serigráfica para su posterior difusión y comercialización.

Para mas información y las bases del concurso ir a

Back Copyright Series presents their first Call for young artists, a jury of art professionals will choose five winning designs, those designs will be reproduced on screenprinting technique for further technical and marketing outreach.

For all the info and participation details please go here

‘Design-a-Lovely Cup of Tea’ competition

Ive been invited to take part in the Tea Party Tour organised by Lunartik. If you fancy taking part you can start by downloading the template here.

Me han invitado a participar en el  Tea Party Tour organizado por Lunartik. Si te apetece participar puedes empezar por bajarte la plantilla aquí.

Pecha Kucha Night V3

Charla sobre el Proyecto Piggy Bank en UBIK CAFÉ en Valencia organizado por La Mamba Studio.
Pecha Kucha es un formato importado de Japón donde dispones de 20 imagenes y 20 segundos por imagen.

Piggy Bank Paper Mache

Nice paper mache work from David Machado.

Pecha Kucha Night

Me han invitado a presentar el Proyecto Piggy Bank en Pecha Kucha Valencia. Si alguien esta enteresado en ir… La 3ª edición de este evento, se desarrollará el día 23 de Abril en el barrio de Ruzafa a las 20:00 h en la cafeteria librería Ubik-Café.

Ive been invited to show the Piggy Bank Project in the 3rd edition of Pecha Kucha Night Valencia. If anybody fancys going… It will be held on the 23rd of April at 20.00h in Ubik-Café.


22nd December 2008


Received this postcard from the amazing designer Francesca Zuccaro from Italy - He recibido esta postal de la increible diseñadora italiana  Francesca Zuccaro.

10th December 2008

Jon Burgerman doodled a Piggy Bank for our project. - Jon Burgerman nos ha pintado un cerdito para nuestro proyecto.

The people over at Promsite think we are good enough to be sponsored by them. THANK YOU! - Los chicos de Promsite piensan que somos lo suficientemente buenos como para estar sponsorizados por ellos. GRACIAS!

15th of October 2008

The Logo of Piggy Bank is in the book Los Logos 4. El logo de Piggy Bank sale en este libro Los Logos 4.

09th October 2008 -Press and Magazines


Here you can download all the CMYK quality pics for printing in magazines.


Aquí podeis descargaros las fotos en calidad CMYK para imprimir en revistas.

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01st July 2008 - Expo Urban Zoo


Ten artists took part in the Expo of Urban Zoo - A gallery-shop in Valencia that celebrated their 2nd aniversary at the same time. A Dj was invited and Nuria+Ivan hosted a great show with loads of food and drink.


Diez artistas formaron parte de la expo que tuvo lugar en Urban Zoo, una tienda-galería que celebró al mismo tiempo su segungo aniversario. Había Dj y Nuria+Ivan nos acogieron con un montón de comida y bebida que se convirtió en una gran noche.

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New Custom Piggy Banks by Various Artists… Full Archive here.

Next Exhibition: Urban Zoo - Valencia - Date: 28-06-2008

Próxima Exposición: Urban Zoo - Valencia - Fecha: 28-06-2008


This is my little home made studio set up to take all the pics for the rotating piggys in the custom gallery.

Este es mi pequeño estudio fotográfico realizado para sacar todas las fotos usadas para crear los cerditos rotando en la galería de customizados.

The Piggy Bank website has GOT NEWWEBPICK QUALIFICATION because of the design and technology .

La web de Piggy Bank ha recibido una NEWWEBPICK CUALIFICACÍON por su diseño y tecnología.

Another amazing custom design by a friend of mine - Renea.

Otra increible  customización por un amigo mio - Renea.



Matt Jones | URL | UK

Custom Piggy Bank by Adolfo Serra. Título: Avaricia.

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PlayRoll by Locografix | The Netherlands


CO2 was spat out as useless byproduct of our motorvehicle industry. This orphan kid has opposite abilities: to suffocate opponents with carbondioxide and to suck up and filter polluted air. With his fearless attitude he loves to be on the road and travel. Constantly seeking adventure, he stumbles upon evil plans and dirty plots. Led by his childlike sense of right and wrong he never backs down until justice is done. No matter how big the enemy.

Rank: Marine privat.
Primary objective: Clean air for all.
Weapon of choice: Release of suffocating carbondioxide.
Character: Energetic, enthousiastic and strong sense of justice.
Flaws: Reckless, mindless & naive.
Fear: That all beauty be destroyed.



 The making of another great Piggy Bank by Cesc.

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4th June 2008 

The Exhibition was a total success and here are some pics to prove it. Must admit I was too bussy talking and drinking and forgot to take more pics. It was a great night , we eat a whole cheese and nearly a whole leg of ham, with a few bottles of red wine (18). Everyone that came along for the opening night enjoyed the exhibition. I would like to thank everyone again that made this possible… my beautiful girlfriend Menchu, my mum, my dad and my little sister Sas for their patience and support, Matt Joyce for the poster, Diego Etcheverry for the great T-shirt that i wore on the night, everyone that took part in the custom piggys… all the characters and posters submited for this project… Lucas for cutting the Ham and Dave and Kath for their help at the final stage of the arrangement. THANKS DUDES!!!! Without you guys it wouldnt be possible.

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1 st June 2008

Poster of the exhibition by Matt Joyce.

Custom Piggy Banks by Various Artists…

27th May 2008


We are excited, happy and getting ready for the exhibition. We have received over 200 piggy characters from around 37 different countries. We are at the top of Google´s search engine. And we cant wait to show you all the pics of the Exhibition.

Thanks again for all your help and contribution to make this project possible.

Ps. We also have over 30 custom piggys for your viewing pleasure.


Estamos emocionados, contentos y preparandonos para la exposición. Hemos recibido mas de 200 personajes de cerditos de unos 37 paises distintos. Estamos primeros en el Buscador de Google. Y tenemos muchas ganas de mostraros las fotos de la exposición.

Gracias a todos por vuestra ayuda y participación para hacer este proyecto posible.

ps. Tambien tenemos mas de 30 cerditos customizados para vuestro placer visual.

18th May 2008

Ive added a Widget to the sidebar to show a random piggy from the Gallery.

He añadido una cosilla a la barra lateral para mostrar un cerdito aleatorio de la galería.


15th May 2008 

While hanving a look on google i found these interesting piggys.

Mientras navegaba por el google encontre estos cerditos.

Zoo Pig Sticker

pork pie drums logo

despiece cerdo

cerdito con cerillas

piggy paper



14th May 2008

Alberto Carazo custom piggy bank for the exhibition. Alberto Carazo ha customizado este cerdito para la exposición.

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Solo T sent us this piece of street art with a piggy and a rifle.

4th May 2008


Exhibition dates confirmed

Marrs Bar, Calle Los Gatos 4, Benidorm - Spain from the 1st till the 5th June 2008.


Fecha de la Exposición confirmada

La exposición será en el Marrs Bar, Calle Los Gatos 4, Benidorm - España del 01 al 05 de Junio 2008.

2nd May 2008

Pelayo Romero from PYO Studio has created this magnificint piece of Genius for the Exhbition. Pelayo Romero de PYO Studio ha creado esta magnifica pieza de ingenio para la exhibición.

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21st April 2008

Had a little peep at my cpanel and thought i would share the great news of 150 visits a day. Hoy he ojeado mi panel de control de la web y he decidido compartir con vosotros la grata sorpresa de 150 visitas al día.

cpanel piggy bank

14th April 2008

design freak piggy bank project link


design freak piggy bank project link


Fresh cut italy piggy bank project pig cerdito

lcs little chimp society piggy bank project pig cerdito

blue vertigo piggy bank cerdito

iblog piggy bank project pig

solosontoys piggy bank project pig cerdito

1st April 2008

Uploaded the process on how the Piggys are being made by the artists involved in the Project to my FLICKR account.

He subido el proceso de la creacion de los cerditos por los artistas que forman parte del proyecto a mi cuenta FLICKR.

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26th March 2008

Matt Joyce Piggy Bank Poster Marrs Bar themeekshall


Matt joyce has designed this wonderful poster to promote the Piggy Bank Project.


Matt joyce ha creado este increible poster para promover el proyecto.

17th March 2008 

I received this little bit of help from Peter Wassink.

“A tip for the list of ‘Piggy’s we know about’. I was missing Porco Rosso, he is a pilot pig from the comicbook and famous animation film by Hayo Miyazaki. check it out here wikipedia.

Pigs play a role in more of mr Miyazaki’s films. In ‘Princess Mononoke a heard of Giant wild Boars plays an important role. And in ‘Spirited away’, his oscar awarded movie, The parents of the main character , a little girl, are transformed into piggies.”

11th March 2008


We have already started to receive some great artwork from some really cool artists. Its looking really promising and very pink. Check out some of the characters here and some of the A3 posters here.

We have also posted out all the piggys to be customised for the first exhibition to be held in the Marrs Bar on the 29th of May. Some of the artists involved are Malota, Matt Jones, Christian Lindemann, Matt Joyce, Sjors Trimbach, Alex Amelines, Alberto Carazo, YOK, Ghostpatrol, Diogo Machado, Sugarnines, Diego Etcheverry, Sauerkids and many more…

Keep tuned to see the evolution of this project via rss.


Hemos empezado a recibir unos trabajos realmente increibles de unos artistas alucinantes. La verdad es que el proyecto promete y va a ser muy rosa. Pegadle un vistazo a los personajes de la galería y tambien a los A3 posters creados.

Tambien hemos enviado por correo los cerditos de cerámica a ser customizados que serán expuestos en el Marrs Bar el 29 de Mayo 2008. Algunos de los artistas que van a formar parte de este proyecto son Malota, Matt Jones, Christian Lindemann, Matt Joyce, Sjors Trimbach, Alex Amelines, Alberto Carazo, YOK, Ghostpatrol, Diogo Machado, Sugarnines, Diego Etcheverry, Sauerkids y muchos más…

Mantente informado de la evolución del proyecto via rss.

19th February 2008

Video of Tomás making our Piggy Banks for this project. Video de Tomás creando los cerditos utilizados en este proyecto.

17th February 2008

Each piggy comes with an authentication stamp. Cada cerdito viene con el sello de autentificación.

Piggy Stamp logo back

16th February 2008

I have sent out some of the ceramic pigs to be customised. Wish to take part in this part of the project? Contact me NOW!

He enviado los cerditos para ser customizados. ¿Quieres partiicpar en esta parte del proyecto? ¡Contactame YA!

Box piggy bank

16th February 2008

Stamp used on the packaging of the ceramic Pigs.

Sello utilizado para el empaquetamiento de los cerditos de cerámica.


11th February 2008

Today we launch the site and open the doors to all submissions. Looking forward to seeing your designs. Hoy lanzamos la web y abrimos las puertas a todas aquellas personas que desean participar en el proyecto con sus diseños. 

23rd November 2007

Here is the latest low-down of news and events concerning the Piggy Bank Project.

Aquí iran las ultimas noticias y eventos que tengan que ver con El Piggy Bank Project.